"Composed of the White House Executive Office, the secretaries of state and defense, the National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Agency, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies, the national security state involves itself in secretly planned and often criminal operations around the globe. It resorts to military strikes, special forces, undercover agents, surveillance and infiltration of dissident groups, unlawful breakins, planting stories in the U.S. press, the training of death squads and assassination teams, terrorist campaigns to destabilize certain governments, and the like"--Michael Parenti



At LUV we want our government to stand for something higher!



Senator George McGovern adds: "Almost from the beginning, the CIA engaged... in covert operations which involved rigging elections and manipulating labor unions abroad, carrying on paramilitary operations, overturning governments, assassinating foreign officials, protecting former Nazis, and lying to Congress."


The Corporate Media Role

"In January 1982, New York Times journalist Ray Bonner reported on a massacre of hundreds of children, women and men in El Mazote carried out by the Atlacatl Battalion. After Washington denied there'd been a massacre and the Reagan administration launched a smear campaign against Bonner, the Times pulled him out of El Salvador. Bonner's reporting has been totally vindicated by the U.N. Truth Commission, which excavated the mass graves. But the cowardly removal of Bonner by Times executives in 1982 sent a powerful message to mainstream U.S. journalists who stayed behind in El Salvador: Reporting the facts--when they conflict with Washington--can cost you your job." --Jeff Cohen & Norman Solomon.



"The results of Salvadoran military training [by the U.S] are graphically described by Daniel Santiago, a Catholic priest working in El Salvador. He tells of a peasant woman who returned home one day to find her three children, her mother and her sister sitting around a table, each with its own decapitated head placed carefully on the table in front of the body, the hands arranged on top 'as if each body was stroking its own head.' The assassins, from the Salvadoran National Guard, had found it hard to keep the head of an 18-month-old baby in place, so they nailed the hands onto it. A large plastic bowl filled with blood was tastefully displayed in the center of the table. According to Rev. Santiago, macabre scenes of this kind aren't uncommon. 'People are not just killed by death squads in El Salvador--they are decapitated and then their heads are placed on pikes and used to dot the landscape. Men are not just disemboweled by the Salvadoran Treasury Police; their severed genitalia are stuffed into their mouths. Salvadoran women are not just raped by the National Guard; their wombs are cut from their bodies and used to cover their faces. It is not enough to kill children; they are dragged over barbed wire until the flesh falls from their bodies, while parents are forced to watch.' Rev. Santiago goes on to point out that violence of this sort greatly increased when the Church began forming peasant associations and self-help groups in an attempt to organize the poor. By and large, our approach in El Salvador has been successful."

--Noam Chomsky, describing the "free market" at work




CIA complicity in drug dealing

"Back in late 1996, poor neighborhoods on the West Coast-- South Central LA, for example, and North Richmond in the Bay Area-- seethed at the disclosure that at the precise moment the government’s CIA had been complicit with Nicaraguan contras in shipping cocaine into the United States, where it ended up for sale in these same neighborhoods. John Deutch, then boss of the CIA, traveled to South Central to protest the innocence of his agency to hundreds of furious locals, and pledged that its Inspector General would review all charges of CIA complicity in drug smuggling and present his findings to the American people. In due course, the IG, Fred Hitz, delivered his report, which, even in censored form, effectively substantiated the original charges."

--Alexander Cockburn, "Stones and Roses in North Richmond," The Nation, July 19, 1999.




When America's greatest hero, Martin Luther King, Jr., called our nation "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today," he was talking about the National Security State, that part of our government which people of conscience oppose. That part which arms corrupt dictators, supplies and trains death squads and actively prevents democracy from blooming both abroad and domestically. King loved his country and wanted it to stand for higher principles. It is patriotic to oppose hatred, greed and delusion while promoting compassion, sharing and understanding.



“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”*

--Former CIA Director William Colby

*Source: "Derailing Democracy" by Dave Mcgowan,

published by Common Courage Press.



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