The Political Spectrum

An understanding of the political spectrum, both actual and in propaganda, reveals one of the ways that corporate media shut out opinions and information.




Corporate media have limited the political debate to two groups-- conservatives and liberals, although the rest of the world sees a much wider spectrum.  This allows American corporate media to shut out opinions from the left, and disguise fascist opinions as "conservative."

In the rest of the world, liberals are seen as moderates, their being in the middle.  In the American corporate media, they are shown at the far left.  This gives corporate media an opportunity to completely hide opinions and information which may be in conflict with corporate greed at any cost to the public interest.  There is no left in corporate media news or opinion.

 Traditional American conservatives used to identify with Teddy Roosevelt, supporting the environment, balancing budgets, and opposing consolidated corporate power.  Modern fascists take the opposing positions, while hiding under the corporate media "conservative" label.

Note there is no mention in corporate media of the existence of labor, although most people are in the work force.  It is as though there are no workers, only owners.  Newspapers have traditionally had a business section, but not a labor section.

Transnational corporations provide millions of dollars annually to the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Hoover Institution and others to plant misinformation in the corporate media on behalf of corporate power and attack those who attempt to correct it.

  The propaganda model, above, has been emphasized so deeply and for so long that most of the people working in corporate media have no idea they are disseminating propaganda.  America has the most sophisticated propaganda system which has ever existed.



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